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Media-Inspector series

The Media-Inspector series is a collection of very sophisticated software modules designed to provide maximum security during the transfer of digital media into mass storage archives with a very intuitive and easy to learn user interface.

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QUADRIGA is an automated 'capturing' station for quality-controlled analogue to digital conversion of sound archives to digital interim data storage systems (DAT, CDR), and/or digital mass storage systems.

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The AudioCube is a multi-channel, up to 24 bit / 192 kHz integrated audio workstation. The AudioCube system offers the most comprehensive selection of professional audio production tools ever assembled in a single platform.

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CubeDVD-A is a comprehensive DVD-Audio authoring module for the Cube-Tec AudioCube 5 digital audio workstation. Developed in cooperation with Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd., CubeDVD-A is the first commercially available authoring package supporting simulation and proofing before creating a Pre-Master-Media.

--- Detailed information: Cube-Tec Webpage


DDP-Solution is a custom-made software solution allowing the user to create a DDP medium according to the DDP (Disc Description Protocol) and DCA industry standards.

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