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Product Pages: Media-Inspector series: The Media - Inspector series is a collection of very sophisticated software modules designed to provide maximum security during the transfer of digital media into mass storage archives with a very intuitive and easy to learn user interface. The AudioCube is a multi-channel, up to 24 bit / 192 kHz integrated audio workstation. The AudioCube system offers the most comprehensive selection of professional audio production tools ever assembled in a single platform. QUADRIGA is an automated 'capturing' station for quality-controlled analogue to digital conversion of sound archives to digital interim data storage systems (DAT, CDR), and/or digital mass storage systems.

CubeDVD-A Webpage (coming soon): CubeDVD-A is a comprehensive DVD-Audio authoring module for the Cube-Tec AudioCube 5 digital audio workstation. Developed in cooperation with Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd., CubeDVD-A is the first commercially available authoring package supporting simulation and proofing before creating a Pre-Master-Media.
--- Detailed information: Cube-Tec Webpage DDP-Solution is a custom-made software solution allowing the user to create a DDP medium according to the DDP (Disc Description Protocol) and DCA industry standards.


Technical Support: Cube-Tec Forum: An internet-based technical support and discussion group for all AudioCube and QUADRIGA users world-wide.


Companies : Cube-International GmbH : additional resource for Cube-Tec products. IRT GmbH : (co-operation development partner of QUADRIGA) The Broadcast Technology Institute (IRT), was founded as a private company in 1956 as the central research and development establishment for the public broadcasting organisations in Germany (ARD, joined by the ZDF in 1964, and DLR in 1993), in Austria (ORF, 1990) and in Switzerland (SRG/SSR, 1989). The main focus of IRT's work is the improvement of existing and the development of new - particularly digital - systems and their standardisation. Columbia Music Entertainment, Inc. : Co-operation partner CubeDVD-A. Internet portal for professional audio technology.

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